Laboratory of Crystallography and Coordination Chemistry

National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", Institute of Materials Science

Athens, Greece


Polyhedron Special Issue dedicated to Dr. Aris Terzis

We are happy to announce the appearance of Issue 15 of Polyhedron titled "The Impact of Crystallography on Inorganic Chemistry in Greece"

This Special Issue is dedicated to Dr Aris Terzis, head of our Laboratory until his recent retirement at the beginning of 2009. It contains contributions from collaborators of Aris, working in Greek Universities and Research Centers, wishing to acknowledge his contributions to the development of Inorganic Chemistry in Greece.

By opening the lab's facilities to Chemistry Departments and Research Centers all over Greece, he helped Inorganic Chemistry in Greece to reach international standards and international standing. Aris has collaborated with all Inorganic Chemistry departments in Greece, and groups in Greek Research Centers working in the field.

We would like to thank the Editor for the Americas Prof. George Christou for making this Special Issue possible and all the authors for contributing their work.


Polyhedron Vol. 28 (2009), Issue 15

"The Impact of Crystallography on Inorganic Chemistry in Greece"


Edited by:

George Christou

Catherine P. Raptopoulou

Vassilis Psycharis

Spyros P. Perlepes