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OSL/TL Dating Laboratory


Luminescence Dating methods include Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) and Thermoluminescence (TL). OSL and TL dating are of high usefulness in archaeology and earth sciences. OSL directly dates the time of sediment deposition. The major advantage of OSL is that the optical signal from sedimentary mineral grains constitutes a natural ‘clock’ which can be reset by exposure to daylight. TL has a long record in the dating of baked pottery and
burnt stones/rocks.

People from ‘Demokritos’ applying OSL/TL dating in Quaternary Geology and Geoarchaeology

● Dr Yannis Bassiakos, Head.

● Dr Constantin Athanassas. CA is a postdoctoral associate at ‘Demokritos’ specialized in luminescence dating. He provides guidance to doctorate students working within a "Marie Curie" program (NARNIA, FP7-PEOPLE- 2010-ITN). He is the manager of the OSL/TL Laboratory at ‘Demokritos’. CA has a BSc in Geology (UO, Athens), an MPhil in luminescence dating (UW, Aberystwyth) and a PhD in OSL dating and Quaternary Geology (UO, Athens).
E-mail: athanassas@ims.demokritos.gr
Tel.:+30-210-6503-164 / FAX: +30-210-6519-430

● Maria Kazantzaki, PhD candidate. Maria has a BSc in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering (NTUA, Athens). She is currently studying for a PhD degree in luminescence dating of faulted marine sequences from central Greece and their neotectonic implications. E-mail: kazantzaki.mar@gmail.com
Tel.:+30-210-6503-803 / FAX: +30-210-6519-430

● Evangelos (Evan) Tsakalos. Evan is a Marie Curie PhD fellow (NARNIA, FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN). He has a BSc in Environmental Sciences (University of Brighton) and an MSc inEnvironmental Sustainability (Edinburgh Napier University). For his PhD thesis, Evan is applying OSL dating to sediments from archaeological sites located on the southeast coast of Cyprus, with the purpose of reconstructing the coastal paleoenvironment during the Late Quaternary.
E-mail: Tsakalos.e@gmail.com
Tel.:+30-210-6503-803 / FAX: +30-210-6519-430

● Dr Katerina Theodorakopoulou. Katerina has a BA in Prehistoric Archaeology and a PhD in Geoarchaeology and OSL Dating. Currently, Katerina is a postdoctoral associate at the Harokopion University (Athens) and external collaborator at the Luminescence Dating Laboratory at ‘Demokritos’.
Tel.:+30-210-6503-803 / FAX: +30-210-6519-430

● John Christodoulakis. John is a Marie Curie PhD fellow (NARNIA, FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN). He has a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Environmental Physics. For his PhD thesis, John is testing luminescence techniques on Last Interglacial-Glacial deposits from Mani, south Peloponnese, Greece.
E-mail: physjohn@yahoo.gr
Tel.:+30-210-6503-803 / FAX: +30-210-6519-430


Recent Publications


Athanassas, C., Fountoulis, I. 2013. Quaternary neotectonic configuration of the southwestern Peloponnese, Greece, based on luminescence ages of marine terraces. Journal of Earth Science, 24, 410-427. 


Athanassas, C., Bassiakos, Y., Wagner, G.A., Timpson, M. 2012. Exploring paleogeographic conditions at two paleolithic sites in Navarino, SW Greeceby means of Optically StimulateLuminescence dating. Geoarchaeology, 27, 237-258.

Theodorakopoulou, Κ., Pavlopoulos, Κ., Athanassas, C., Zacharias, Ν., Bassiakos, Υ.2011.sedimentologicalresponse to Holocene climatic events in the Istron area, Gulf of Mirabello, NE Crete. Quaternary International, 266, 62-73 .


Athanassas, C. 2011. Constraints on the precision of SAR in equivalent dose estimations close to saturation in quartz. Geochronometria, 38, 413-423

Pagonis, V., Adamiec, G. Athanassas, C., Chen, R., Baker, A., Larsen, M., Thompson, Z. 2011. Accuracy and precision of the Re-SAR dating protocol for quartz: a simulations approachNuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics ResearchB, 269, 1431-1443.


Athanassas, C., Zacharias, N. 2010. Recuperated-OSL dating of quartz from Aegean (South Greekraised Pleistocene marine sediments: current resultsQuaternary Geochronology


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