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ceraDAT - Database for Aegean ceramics

ceraDAT is the prototype of a relational database for archaeological ceramics. At this stage the ceraDAT database contains the elemental compositions of several thousand ceramic artifacts from the Eastern Mediterranean analysed by neutron activation (NAA) at different laboratories. The data have been calibrated on the basis of the analytical routine and can be accessed via a web application. Apart from the elemental compositions, the database contains reference patterns of specific sites, metadata concerning archaeological information, geographical distribution, literature references and former statistical evaluations. Due to the database design, the structure can be extended in future towards petrographical and mineralogical information.

Relevant journal articles

  • Hein, A., Kilikoglou, V. (2012) ceraDAT - Prototype of a web-based relational database for archaeological ceramics, Archaeometry 54, 2, 230-243.

  • Relevant publications in proceedings

  • Hein, A., Kilikoglou, V. and Mommsen, H. (2005) Availability of Chemical Data of Archaeological Ceramics , Proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium on Archaeometry, 22-26 April 2002, Amsterdam (ed. H. Kars and E. Burke) Geoarchaeological and Bioarchaeological Studies 3, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam 203-206.
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