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Computer models of mechanical and thermal properties

In order to investigate properties of composite materials and to simulate the behaviour of ancient objects and structures under external loads computer models are designed. These models are examined for example with the finite element method (FEM). Recent projects concerned the dependence of thermal properties of ceramics on their composition and texture, the operation conditions of Bronze Age copper smelting furnaces and the failure prediction for different types of transport amphorae. The approach allows for simulated material testing, which is suitable particularly for archaeological objects. In these cases, laboratory tests are usually not possible, because the objects are either incomplete or would be destroyed during testing.

Relevant journal articles

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  • Relevant publications in proceedings

  • Hein, A. and Kilikoglou, V. (2008) Finite element analysis (FEA) of metallurgical ceramics, Assessment of their thermal behaviour, Aegean Metallurgy in Bronze Age (ed. I. Tzachili) Ta Pragmata, Athens 305-314.
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