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Thermal properties and technological developments of ancient ceramics

In a recent study the production technology of archaeological cooking ware from Akrotiri (Santorini) was investigated. A major part of the study was focussed on the thermal properties, being important parameters for the suitability of the ceramics to be used for cooking. The studied assemblage comprised 200 samples of Neolithic and Bronze Age cooking pots, which were examined petrographically (top) and by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). A change over time was noticed concerning the selection of raw materials and the use of temper. The effect of these parameters on the material properties of the ceramics were investigated using replicates, fabricated to be examined with laboratory measurements. The thermal conductivity was determined with a modified Lees’ disk setup (bottom).
Apart from cooking ware during recent years several studies concerned thermal properties of metallurgical ceramics, such as smelting furnaces and crucibles. The selection of raw materials and the preparation of the clay paste were investigated under the view of refractoriness and heat transfer.

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