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Mortars and grouts for the conservation of architectural monuments

One of the main activities of the Group is dedicated to the laboratory analysis and characterisation of archaeological and traditional mortars from different architectural structures and monuments, with respect to their effective conservation.
The activity focuses on the design and development of sustainable, energy-efficient conservation composites, by incorporating traditional, low-cost earthen-based materials and modern, nano-materials.
It is aimed at those who work on the conservation historic buildings: architects, surveyors, engineers, conservators, contractors and conservation officers, but also owners, curators, students and researchers.

Beyond conservation studies and consulting for field projects, the main research activities in the field focus on:

  • Study of self-healing mechanism in ancient lime-based mortars and conditions to activate the phenomenon in modern structures (see Archaeo-mimetics section).
  • Enhancement of reactivity in natural and artificial, low-cost pozzolanic admixtures.
  • Optimization of mortars properties in terms of strength, durability and performance towards the reduction of the production cost.
  • Development of material- and methodology- related solutions for existing conservation problems, directives for new products, along with enhancement/ optimisation of existing products for application in Cultural Heritage.



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