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Inorganic catalysts for Industrial and environmental applications

Inorganic catalysts are the back-bone of the chemical industry. Nearly all industrial chemicals are manufactured using catalysts, since catalytic materials increase the reaction kinetics by many orders of magnitude without actually taking part in the reaction. The same advantages are also conferred by catalysts for cleaning of environmental pollutants, e.g. in factory emission scrubbers and car exhaust pipes. Catalyst activity (and selectivity for particular processes) depends on the composition, the open porosity but also crucially on the amount of “active centres” on its surface, usually dictated by a degree of distortion of the atomic lattice. Most catalytic systems are industrial secrets and are specially developed for each process. We are developing new inorganic catalytic systems using the SHS method for a range of industrial and environmental applications, whereby the catalytic activity is enhanced by the creation of a large number of active centres and metastable, often non-stoichiometric compositions. The processes we are studying include ethylene and propylene production, deep oxidation of methane, CO oxidation, hydrogenation of naphtha and diesel and others and SHS catalysts offer significant improvements over existing industrial systems.

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