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Self-Propagating High-Temperature synthesis (SHS) of refractories, catalysts, intermetallics and other materials

The SHS method exploits highly exothermic solid-state combustion reactions for the synthesis of many engineering materials, many of them unique, with minimal use of externally applied heat. Although the starting temperature may be as low as ambient, the final combustion temperature may reach as high as 3000<oC, depending on the system and conditions. The method offers very significant advantages over traditional furnace-based methods, the most significant being lower overall energy usage and very rapid (seconds) synthesis times. Materials such as carbides, borides, nitrides, oxides, intermetallics, composites are produced at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Using SHS, in the Advanced Ceramics Laboratory we have developed a range of very active catalysts, refractories, inorganic pigments, high-temperature refractories and intermetallics. Currently, we are investigating new refractory compositions of MgO/MgAl2O4 (see our ESA-funded activities), new catalytic systems based on MgxCoyAl2O4 for pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, the system NixAlyOz for hydrogenation processes and various mixed oxides as industrial pigments.

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