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Ceramic Nanocontainers loaded with Inhibitors incorporated in Conductive Polymers and Ormosil Coatings to Protect Metal Alloys

We are developing a new coating technology to prevent corrosion on metals exhibiting self healing properties. Aluminium, Iron and Magnesium alloys are coated with two layers the one consists of conductive polymers (CP) and the second on the top is made of Ormosil coatings. The CP layer contains nanocontainers filled with inhibitors. When the surface is damaged, the nanocontainers release chemicals as well as the grafted CP to generate new surface. So, protection against corrosion is obtained. The CP coatings of polyaniline–polypyrrole copolymers are deposited on aluminium alloys by Cyclic Voltametry. The nanocontainers are ceramic materials and are loaded with corrosion inhibitors. The ORMOSIL coatings are deposited via the dip-coating process. The coatings are characterized by Scanning Electron Miscrosopy, Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy. Studies on the corrosion resistance of these coatings are made using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Potentiodynamic Polarisation and Open Circuit Potential. This new technology presents a potential candidate for chromium(VI) replacement for metal corrosion protection, because chromium(VI) is carcinogenic and has been forbidden from its use.

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