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A Novel Nano-container drug carrier for targeted treatment of prostate cancer

“NANOTHERAPY” project started in February 2009 with duration of 60 months. It’s a fully European financing project in the framework of FP7-IDEAS. The term of “Nanotherapy” includes the applications of nanotechnology for treatment, diagnosis, imaging and control of biological systems. The aim of this project is the synthesis and characterization of bio-polymer nanocontainers for drug release, in a controlled and targeted manner. These nanocontainers will be stimuli-responsive in changes of the extracellular and intracellular environment. Also the biding of ligands on nanocarriers that can be recognized from receptors on the tumor cells will reduce the possibility of undesirable release in physiological cells. Magnetic and fluorescent nanoparticles will be incorporated in these nanocarriers for external triggering and monitoring, respectively. The mechanisms of triggered release will be studied in association with the model of prostate cancer. Firstly cell cultures will be used for toxicity tests and then the in vivo tests in mice will take place. Together, magnetic nanoparticles will be synthesized and a radio frequency apparatus will be build to study the hyperthermia effect on tumor cells.

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