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Electronic and magnetic properties of transition metal multinuclear complexes

The main interaction that dictates the magnetic properties of polynuclear transition metal complexes is the isotropic Heisenberg-Dirac-van Vleck exchange. However, the properties which render some of these compounds to exhibit remarkable behavior (such as Single Molecule Magnet) are derived by non isotropic interactions such as Zero Field Splitting (ZFS), dipolar interactions etc. It is necessary to identify and determine their contribution in the magnetic properties of the compound. We have been interested in such an interaction the so called Dzialoshinsky-Moriya or Antisymmetric Exchange in a number of trinuclear clusters based on Fe(ΙΙΙ) (S=5/2), Cr(ΙΙΙ) (S=3/2), and Cu(ΙΙ) (S=1/2).
Of special interest in molecular materials are dynamic properties such as electronic spin relaxation and electron delocalization in mixed valence systems. EPR and Mössbauer studies are performed to study these properties in a series of Fe-based multinuclear compounds.

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