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Novel Magnetic Materials

Composite of molecular magnets - magnetic solids. The objective is to synthesize proper composites and examine the effect of ferro or ferrimagnets on the magnetic properties of molecular magnets.
The study of the system [Ni(en)2][Fe(CN)6]2/γ-Fe2Ο3 has shown that the internal field of mayhemite is transferred to the molecular magnet causing the latter to switch from an antiferromagnetic to a ferromagnetic state. Lamellar magnetism. Preparation of synthetic ilmenite-hematite nanograin oxides and studies of their remanent magnetization. Exchange bias on layered antiferromagnetic ferromagnetic structures. Using the layer by layer method bilayered structures are constructed and the biasing effect is examined. The oxide derivatives Fe3O4-CoO, Fe3O4-NiO and CoO-NiO are studied.

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