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Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Nanostructures

We investigate the microscopic mechanism of ferromagnetism in II-VI and III-V semiconductor nanostructures containing a random distribution of magnetic ions, usually Mn. Currently we focus on the Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS) of the group (II,Mn)-VI, which are characterized by competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions between the magnetic moments of Mn ions. The former are hole-mediated indirect exchange interactions that are controlled by the doping level, while the latter are superexchange interactions between neighboring Mn moments. Our work aims to quantify the relative importance of these two interaction mechanisms in the case of p-doped CdMnTe quantum wells. To accomplish this task we combine Monte Carlo simulations of the magnetic structure with total energy calculations performed by an exact diagonalization of the Hamiltonian for the coupled carrier-local moments system.

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