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Magnetic Behaviour of Nanoparticles

The properties of magnetic nanoparticles are dramatically different from those of the bulk materials. They are modified by the presence of the nanoparticle surface, of defects and of a different magnetic phase. The aim of this project is to reveal the various factors that control the magnetic behavior of nanoparticles and suggest optimum parameters for specific applications. To this end, we perform atomic scale modeling of the magnetic behavior of nanoparticles using the classical Heisenberg model and Monte Carlo simulations. Systems that we have studied include ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, and ferrimagnetic nanoparticles,oxide-coated ferromagnetic and multi-coated nanoparticles. A major effort is recently directed towards enhancing the exchange bias effect observed in composite nanoparticles, which will push further the superparamagnetic limit in modern recording industry applications.

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