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Molecular Magnetism and Spectroscopy

Molecular magnetism is the field devoted to the design and magnetic study of coordination compounds (mononuclear, polynuclear, or polymeric). This is usually achieved through the use of magnetic susceptometry data, in combination with spectroscopic techniques.
We interpret the magnetic data using models mostly based on the spin Hamiltonian. Thus, we arrive at a first determination of the magnetic energy spectrum of a given spin-cluster.
Then, by using various other spectroscopies, we access additional information regarding other interactions. E.g. EPR spectroscopy allows us to monitor antisymmetric-exchange interactions and distributions of electronic parameters (D, J, g, etc). On the other hand, Mössbauer spectroscopy allows us to monitor the spin expectation values of individual iron sites, thus gaining direct information about their coupling with adjacent spins. This is illustrated in the figure, where the Mössbauer spectra of a ferric cluster have been simulated assuming different spin expectation values for each of the three ferric sites.

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