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Reactivity of coordination compounds

Although we are mainly interested in the properties of transition-metal clusters in the solid state, we are also interested in revealing the chemical equilibria leading to them.
The reactivity of cluster compounds is an area of deep chemical interest, but difficult to study due to the labile nature of metal-ligand bonds and the multitude of products simultaneously present in solution.
The main questions asked are:

  • (a) what products occur from a particular reaction mixture, and how do these depend on various reaction parameters (solvent, counter ions, crystallization method, ligand sidegroups)?
  • (b) what is the reactivity of preformed clusters in solution, and what are the possible interconversions between clusters of the same reaction system?

  • The really fundamental question, though, is:
    Is the Chemistry of polynuclear coordination complexes:
  • (i) under operator control, or
  • (ii) in the realm of serendipitous self-assembly?
  • Although for the time being the answer is definitely (i), we hope that answering questions (a) and (b) for many systems, it will slowly converge to (ii).

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