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Synthesis of coordination compounds

We are interested in the preparation of coordination compounds as molecular magnetic materials, as models of bioinorganic systems, as molecular architecture constructions (or building blocks) etc.
We use various approach for these syntheses. One is to use well-studied ligands and test several variations of the reaction conditions (solvent, crystallization methods, counteranions present etc.) This approach has given access to a molecular Fe12 wheel, using a simple carboxylate ligand (left).
Another approach is the use of ligands specially designed to coordinate to many metal ions at the same time, thus leading to polynuclear structures. One such example is the use of the pyCOpyCOpy ligand, which led to a rare Co20 cluster (right).
Reactions are carried out either at ambient anaerobic conditions, or (if air-sensitive metal ions are used) under an inert atmosphere, in the Glovebox or at the Schlenk line.

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