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Powder diffraction

The powder diffraction technique (XRD) is used for the crystallographic study of polycrystalline materials as well as for the characterization of polycrystalline materials of laboratory, industrial, geological. archaiological and pharmaceutical origin. The materials could be studied plane sample holders in a diffractometer (D500-SIEMENS) with the Bragg Brentano geometry or using the Debye-Scherrer geometry with the Rigaku R-axis SPIDER. The diffractogram in the case of R-axis SPIDER diffractometer is recorded on an Image Plate. The XRD spectra are analyzed using the Rietveld method for a complete crystallographic study of the sample under study or using the PDF file, a database of standards, for the identification of the crystalline phases contained in the studied sample.

The Rietveld method has been applied mostly for the study of hard-magnetic and superconducting materials. As an example we mention, the correct space group assignment to the structure of the hard magnetic phase Nd3 (Fe ,Ti)29 a

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