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MSc and PhD theses

The research projects in the field of ancient ceramics and composite materials offer a large variation of subjects for MSc and PhD studies in collaboration with greek universities and universities abroad. The two main objectives are the development of scientific approaches to the characterization of ancient materials and the development of advanced conservation strategies.

PhD theses

Technology of Bronze Age cooking ware from Akrotiri, Thera

Noémi Müller, 2009, University of Sheffield, UK

Noémi Müller is investigating the technological development of Bronze Age cooking wares from Akrotiri, Thera. By using chemical and mineralogical characterisation, experimental replication and mechanical and thermal tests, she is studying the influence of different manufacturing parameters (temper, clay, firing, shape) on the performance characteristics of these important ceramics. This information will be used to evaluate several changes that occur in the production of cooking vessels at Akrotiri during the Bronze Age.

The effect of Barium Hydroxide on the physicochemical properties of lime-based conservation mortars

Ioannis Karatasios, 2005, De Montford University, UK

Middle Minoan Polychrome pottery: an intergrated microstructural, geochemical and mineralogical investigation of its production

Eddie Faber, 2004, University of Sheffield, UK

Provenance Study of Ancient Ceramics by Neutron Activation Analysis and Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry. Comparative Study of the two techniques

Alexandra Tsolakidou, 1999, National Technical University of Athens

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