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Helium Liquefier

Researcher in charge: Y. Sanakis

Liquid Helium (LH) is the only cooling liquid to achieve temperatures below 20K (i.e. -253 oC). Among all gasses, helium has the lowest boiling temperatures, 4.2K, and is the only element in nature that remains liquid at temperatures approaching absolute zero (-273 oC). During the last decades the applications of LH gained special importance in Greece, as LH is necessary for the operation of the superconducting coils of the magnets in clinical Magnetic Resonance Imagers, as well as in Research Laboratories for the study of new materials at very low temperatures, close to absolute zero. Besides, we notice the necessity of LH for the operation of important spectroscopic instruments like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), and Moessbauer Spectroscopy. In Greece, the LH consumption is raising steadily. This is a consequence of the increasing number of Research Laboratories that use LH, as well as the increasing number of medical MRIs. As an example we mention that the consumption of LH at IMS raised from 500 lts in year 1986 to more than 10000 in year 2008. In the past, most of LH quantities were imported from abroad. However, due to the very low boiling temperature losses are extremely high, thus increasing substantially the cost of the imported LH. Besides, many times there is a delivery delay, which creates many operational problems in large scale devices. Therefore the local production of LH has many advantages.


NameProfessionRoleEmail addressTelephone
Vassilis PetrouleasPhysicistResearcher Avpetr@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503344
Ioannis SanakisPhysicistResearcher Asanakis@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503345

The Helium Liquefier

Since 1986 IMS operates a Helium Liquefier with an average production of 10 lt/h. Until now, the Helium Liquefier of IMS has covered all needs in LH of the IMS laboratories, and since 1999, a steadily increasing part of the Greek LH Market (mainly Hospitals and Research Laboratories). In year 2008 a new modern Liquefier has been installed with production 32 lt/hour.

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