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Non Destructive Testing - Radiography

Researcher in charge: G. Papavassiliou

The Non-Destructive Radiography Testing Laboratory (NDRTL) was established in the year 1965, at the Institute of Materials Science (IMS), of NCSR ‘Demokritos', in order to cover an important sector of the Greek market, in the field of radiography testing, quality control and certification. During the last years, the significant growth of economy in sectors such as building industry, transportation, energy, and shipping industry, made the need for quick and reliable Non-Destructive Radiography Testing compulsory in a wide range of products and constructions (e.g. buildings, bridges, railway tracks, cars, aircrafts, ships, boilers, welding, etc.). In addition to ordinary Radiographic tests with Ir-192, Se-75, as well as portable X-rays, NDRTL has the unique advantage to perform radiography tests by using cobalt (Co-60) X-rays. The method, which is implemented solely by IMS in Greece, provides the ability to carry out fast and reliable tests in thick structures and materials, which are otherwise impossible to be checked. In combination with X-rays, microseismic, and advanced ultrasonic techniques, the NDRTL is at position to pursue difficult industrial quality control problems. Another field of activity is radiography of ancient monuments, such as columns and statues in Acropolis, for detecting defects and deterioration possesses.


NameProfessionRoleEmail addressTelephone
Georgios PapavassiliouPhysicistDirector IAMPPNMgpapav@ims.demokritos.gr6503307, - 6503308, - 6503381
Panagiotis AloupogiannisPhysicistResearcher Caloup@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503335
Giorgios DiamantopoulosPhysicistResearch Associategioⲗ@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503351
Apostolos CharitosTechnician210 6503328

Major services carried out by NDRTL are as follows:

  • Radiography quality control in ‘LATSIS’ petroleum refineries, for the tanks and all petroleum piping.
  • Radiography project for ‘EREXTHIO’ and ‘KARYATIDES’ in Akropolis.
  • Radiography quality control of lake ‘YLIKIS’ damn for ‘EYDAP’ (Water Supply Company).
  • Radiography quality control in ‘DEH’ electrical power stations.
  • Radiography quality control in cement and metallurgy industries such as in Volos, Chalkidos, Mandoudi etc.
  • Radiography quality control in ships (Greek shipyards etc.)
  • Radiography quality control in engine factories specialized for tanks as well as tanks for fertilizers in Keratsini.
  • Radiography quality control of munitions for PYRKAL weapon company.

Finally it is worth mentioning the important contribution in the risk assessment of the damaged buildings due to earthquakes which occurred in Attika in the last years.

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