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Services offered by the Advanced Ceramics Laboratory


Technical consulting to industries and small to medium sized enterprises, active in the fields of traditional and advanced ceramics, metallic alloys and glasses:

  • Measurements of mechanical properties (strength, hardness, toughness etc) of metallic, ceramic and plastic materials
  • Failure analysis of production processes, materials and products, aiming at the optimization of production processes and the reduction of non-conforming products and waste
  • Metallographic and ceramographic studies and determination of the mechanical properties of materials and products according to international standards (ASTM and ?? ISO)
  • Studies of mechanical and chemical wear (abrasion, erosion, corrosion etc) of all engineering materials and products
  • Determination and prediction of mechanical stresses and failure modes of products using Finite Element Analysis, including thermo-mechanical analysis


Characterisation of advanced ceramic coatings used in engineering applications:

  • Estimation of the adhesion strength of CerMet coatings (e.g. WC-based cermets) onto metallic substrates and numerical simulation of their behaviour via Finite Element Analysis
  • Study and prediction of the behaviour of coatings under surface mechanical loading and/ or chemical aggressive environment


Contact: Dr George Vekinis, +30 210 6503322, gvekinis@ims.demokritos.gr

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