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Coordinator: Y. Maniatis

The main objective of the Archaeometry program is the development and use of specialized techniques and methodologies in order to extract Historical, Cultural and Environmental information from archaeological and related materials.
The above objective is obtained mainly through an interdisciplinary type of research, combining techniques and methodologies from various branches of the Physical Sciences.
The basic target, i.e. the deeper understanding of the nature of materials, which is the main target in many disciplines, is remedied through the development and application of techniques based on Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics and Mineralogy.
The research is focused towards improving the resolution and accuracy of techniques and developing new methodologies for high precision dating, secure provenance determination of various materials, accurate characterisation of ancient materials and technologies and better understanding of the environmental parameters. These enable the extraction of valuable information for the evolution of Man, Society, Technology and Environment.
The activities can be grouped into the following fields:

  • Radiocarbon, Luminescence and ESR Dating of Archaeological and Environmental Materials.
  • Provenance and Technology of Ceramics and Composite Materials.
  • Provenance and distribution of lithic materials (marble, obsidian, steatite etc).
  • Technology of early vitreous materials.
  • Geoarchaeology and Ancient Metal Studies.
  • Isotopic Studies of Biological and Environmental Materials.
  • Deterioration mechanisms and development of conservation materials.

Research Fields


Y. Bassiakos, E. Dotsika, A. Hein, V. Kilikoglou, Y. Maniatis, C. Michael

Research Officers

L. Filippaki, I. Karatasios

Research Associates

P. Day, N. Müller, M. Seremetaki, K. Theodorakopoulou

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