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Electronic and Composite Materials

Coordinator: A. Travlos

The aim of this program is to synthesize and study composite nanostructured materials, with emphasis in metallic, magnetic, and semiconducting materials, like self-assembled zinc-oxide nanostructures, high-k dielectric materials, as well as nanocomposite glasses and ceramics, which are very promising for technological applications. The ability to control the chemistry of surfaces on the 1-100 nm length scale with nanofabrication and nanopatterning techniques (like MBE, Laser Ablation and Sputtering) presents enormous opportunities for designing nanoscale spatial matching of materials with different properties. Advanced wet chemistry methods are used in order to synthesize precursor materials (e.g. magnetic or other metallic nanoparticles, glasses, ceramics, nanocomposites). Central role in these activities is played by the Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory, the Electron Microscopy Laboratory, as well as the Magnetic Film, Sol-gel and Advanced Ceramic Laboratories.

Research Fields


P. Aloupogiannis, N. Boukos, A. Dimoulas, G. Kordas, G. Mitrikas, A. Travlos, G. Vekinis

Research Officers

G. Xanthopoulou

Research Associates

C. Chandrinou, I. Kartsonakis, A. Marinou, G. Panyiotatos

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