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Yannis Maniatis

Researcher A

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Selected journal publications

  • Tite, M.S., Maniatis, Y., Kavoussanaki, D., Panagiotaki, M., Shortland, A.J., Kirk, S.F. (2008) Colour in Minoan faience, Journal of Archaeological Science, in press
  • Tite, M.S., Shortland, A., Maniatis, Y., Kavoussanaki, D., Harris, S.A. (2006) The composition of the soda-rich and mixed alkali plant ashes used in the production of glass, Journal of Archaeological Science 33, 1284-1292.
  • Polikreti, K., Maniatis, Y. (2004) Distribution changes of Mn2+ and Fe3+ on weathered marble surfaces measured by EPR spectroscopy, Atmospheric Environment 38, 3617-3624.
  • GarrigoĢs, J.B.I., Jones, R.E., Kilikoglou, V., Levi, S.T., Maniatis, Y., Mitchell, J., Vagnetti, L., Wardle, K.A., Andreou, S. (2003) Technology transfer at the periphery of the Mycenaean world: The cases of Mycenaean pottery found in Central Macedonia (Greece) and the plain of Sybaris (Italy), Archaeometry 45, 263-284.
  • Polikreti, K., Maniatis, Y. (2003) Micromorphology, composition and origin of the orange patina on the marble surfaces of Propylaea (Acropolis, Athens), Science of the Total Environment 308, 111-119.
  • Polikreti, K., Michael, C.T., Maniatis, Y. (2003) Thermoluminescence characteristics of marble and dating of freshly excavated marble objects, Radiation Measurements 37, 87-94.

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