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Dimosthenis Stamopoulos

Post-Doctoral Fellow

+30 210 6503330

Research Interests

D. Stamopoulos was born on 04/10/1973 in Aegio, Greece. He studied “Electrical and Computer Engineering” at the “National Technical University of Athens” (NTUA). He received his MSc and PhD in Physics from the “School of Applied Mathematics and Physics” of the NTUA by 12/2001. Currently, he is research associate at the “Institute of Materials Science” of the “National Center for Scientific Research” and visiting professor in “Hellenic Air Force Technical NCO Academy” giving courses on “Electronics”, “Microwaves” etc. He is interested in basic research in superconductivity and magnetism studying phenomena observed in conventional low-Tc and exotic high-Tc superconductors, such as vortex phase transformations, and ones that are observed in nanostructures constituting of ferromagnetically soft/hard and antiferromagnetic ingredients, such as exchange bias. Recently he has focused on the phenomena that occur in hybrid superconducting/(anti)ferromagnetic nanostructures, such as the evolution of superconductivity under the presence of exchange bias. He also runs activities on the applied topics of materials science and nanobiotechnology. Ferromagnetic and superparamagnetic nanoparticles, mainly referring to iron oxide compounds Fe2O3 and Fe3O4, are synthesised and utilized in biomedical applications such as Magnetically-assisted Haemodialysis as retraction therapeutic agents, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging as contrast diagnostic agents. Both in vitro experiments and in vivo applications in animal models are designed and executed.

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