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Christos Trapalis

Researcher A

+30 210 6503343

Research Director, Head of Nanofunctional and Nanocomposite Materials Laboratory

Director of Research. From 2006 - now Head of “Laboratory of Nanofunctional and Nanocomposite Materials”, Institute of Materials Science, NCSR Demokritos. Associate Professor 2004-2007 Department of Products and Systems Design Engineering Aegean University, Ermoupolis, Syros. Research Officer 1996-2005 Sol-Gel Laboratory, IMS, NCSR “Demokritos”. Postdoctoral Fellow 1992-1995 Sol-Gel Laboratory, IMS, NCSR “Demokritos”. PhD Student in Chemistry 1987-1991 PhD - University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy. BSc Student in Chemical Engineering 1979-1984 Higher Institute of Chemical Technology.

Research Interests:

• Synthesis of oxide, metallic, dense and hollow nanoparticles, thin films and coatings, with functional - photocatalytic, hydrophilic, antibacterial, magnetic and etc. properties.

•Synthesis of Graphene and Graphene Oxide by Chemical Oxidation of Graphite, MW expansion of expandable graphite. Graphene nanosacks by spray aerosol of Graphite Oxide.Functionalization of carbogenic nanostructures (Graphenes, carbon nanotubes, graphite oxide, conductive polymers).

• Development and modification of new chemistry based methods, for nanoparticles synthesis (sol-gel, hydrothermal treatment, pyrolytic methods etc).

• Study optical properties of nanomaterials including, electromagnetic radiation scattering and transmission phenomena from microwaves to optics.

Hydroxyapatite/titanium dioxide nanocomposites for controlled photocatalytic NO oxidation

Few Layer Graphenes Decorated with Silver Nanoparticles

Reduced graphene oxide/iron carbide nanocomposites for Supercapacitors

Selected journal publications

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  • Georgakilas V., Bourlinos A.B., Zboril R., Steriotis T.A., Theodore A., Dallas P., Stubos AK, Trapalis C. (2010) Organic Functionalisation of Graphenes, Chemical Communications 46, 1766-1768.
  • Mahmud, K., Mitsionis, A., Vaimakis, T., Kourkoumelis, N., Trapalis, C. (2010) The threonine effect on calcium phosphate preparation from a solution containing Ca/P = 1.33 molar ratio, Ceramics International 36, 1893 -1899.
  • Mitsionis, A.I., Vaimakis, T.C., Trapalis, C.C. (2010) The effect of citric acid on the sintering of calcium phosphate bioceramics, Ceramics International 15, 623-634.
  • Šojić, D., Despotović, V., Abramović, B., Todorova, N., Giannakopoulou, T., and Trapalis, C. (2010) Photocatalytic Degradation of Mecoprop and Clopyralid in Aqueous Suspensions of Nanostructured N-doped TiO2, Molecules 15, 2994-3009.
  • Belessi, V., Romanos, G., Boukos, N., Lambropoulou, D., Trapalis, C. (2009) Removal of Reactive Red 195 from aqueous solutions by adsorption on the surface of TiO2 nanoparticles, Journal of Hazardous Materials 170, 836-844.
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  • Vitanov, P., Harizanova, A., Ivanova, T., Trapalis, C., Todorova, N. (2009) Sol-gel ZrO2 and ZrO2-Al2O3 nanocrystalline thin films on Si as high-k dielectrics, Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology 165, 178-181 .
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