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Ioannis Sanakis

Researcher A

+30 210 6503345

Research Director

Institute of Materials Science
NCSR “Demokritos” 15310 Ag. Paraskevi, Attikis
Fax: +302106519430

Date of Birth: January 25, 1967
Place of Birth: Artemon, Sifnos Island, Cyclades, Greece
Marital status: Married (one child)

PhD: University of Ioannina (Dept of Physics, December 1995)
B. Sc: University of Athens (Dept of Physics, June 1990).

“Study of the Paramagnetic Centers of Photosystem II of Higher Plants by EPR and Mössbauer Spectrocopic Techniques” (in Greek)
Dept of Physics, University of Ioannina, December 1995. Carried out at the Institute of Materials Science, NCSR “Demokritos”

Professional Experience:
01/04- Research Scientist, Institute of Materials Science, NCSR “Demokritos”
10/00-9/04 Visiting Assoc. Professor Dept of Biological Applications and Technology, University of Ioannina
12/99-9/00: Research Fellow Institute of Materials Science, NCSR “Demokritos”
10/97-12/99:Postdoctoral research fellow, Dept of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (Prof. Eckard Münck)
11/96-10/97: Research Fellow Institute of Materials Science, NCSR “Demokritos”
09/89-12/94: Graduate fellow, Research Fellow Institute of Materials Science, NCSR “Demokritos” (Dr Vasili Petrouleas)

Teaching Experience:
I. Dept of Biological Applications and Technology, University of Ioannina
1.Physics (2000-2004),
2. Physical Chemistry Laboratory (2000-2004)
II. Dept of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Graduate Course “Bioinorganic Chemistry”.
1. Topics on Molecular Magnetism (2002-2008) (6hrs)
III. Dept of Chemistry and Dept of Materials Science and Technology, University of Ioannina, Graduate Course “Chemistry and Technology of Materials”
1. Topics on Molecular Magnetism (2002-2013) (6 hrs)
IV. National Technical University of Athens, School of Applied Physical and Mathematical Sciences Graduate Course
1. EPR Spectroscopy (2005-2008).

Research Interests:
Molecular Magnetism. Low Dimensional Magnetism and Magnetism at the Nanoscale, Bioinorganic systems, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Mössbauer Spectroscopy.

Administration of the Helium Liquefaction Unit

Number of Publications in peer reviewed journals (Feb 2014): 112
non self citations (Feb 2014): >2000 (ISI, Scopus)
h-index: 29 (Feb 2014)

Selected recent publications:
“Spin Relaxation in a Ferromagnetically Coupled Triangular Cu3 Complex”
Y. Sanakis, M. Pissas, J. Krzystek, J. Telser, and R. G. Raptis
Chem. Phys. Lett. (2010) 493 185–190.
“Multifrequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Theoretical Studies of a Mn(II) (S = 5/2) complex: The Role of Geometrical Elements on the Zero Field Splitting parameters”
T. D. Tzima, G. Sioros, C. Duboc, D. Kovala-Demertzi, V. S. Melissas, Y. Sanakis
Polyhedron (2009) 28, 3257-3264.
“Revisiting the IspH Catalytic System in the Deoxyxylulose Phosphate Pathway: Achieving High Activity”
Y. Xiao, L. Chu, Y. Sanakis, and P. Liu
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2009) 131, 9931-9933.
“A Family of Enneanuclear Iron(II) Single-Molecule Magnets”
A. K. Boudalis, Y. Sanakis, Juan Modesto Clemente-Juan, B. Donnadieu, V. Nastopoulos, A. Mari, Y. Coppel, J. –P. Tuchagues, and S. P. Perlepes
Chem. Eur-J. (2008) 14, 2514-2526.
“A Pyrazolate-Supported Fe3(?3-O) Core: Structural, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Magnetic Study”
D. Piñero, P. Baran, R. Boca, R. Herchel, M. Klein, R. G. Raptis, F. Renz, and Y. Sanakis
Inorg. Chem. (2007) 46, 10981-10989.

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