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Yannis Bassiakos

Researcher A

+30 210 6503392

Research Interests

Yannis Bassiakos (Director of Research) has studied geology in the U. of Athens. He got postgraduate specialisation on archaeomining/archaeometallurgy in the U. of Heidelberg and in the “Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik”, as participant of the MPI Project ‘Ancient Aegean Gold and Silver Production’, and bursar of the Volkswagen Foundation. His Ph. D. work (Geology Department, U. of Athens) dealt with ESR dating on speleothems, shells and teeth, cave evolution and reconstruction of Upper Quaternary/Holocene landscapes. Since 1986 he works at the Laboratory of Archaeometry, IMS/“Demokritos”. Main fields of activities (basic research and applications): a) ancien metals: mining metallurgical residues, technology, provenance and prehistoric copper-smelting experimental simulations, b) ESR spectroscopy combined with dose-rate/microdosimetry studie for dating purposes (paramagnetic and luminescence) c paleoenvironmental studies, underground and maritime: geoarchaeology, geological mapping, neotectonics, active fault dating and sea-level oscillation for ancien landscapes reconstruction, and d characterization o archaeomaterials b optical/electron microscopy and microanalyses. H has coordinated o contributed a

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