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Christodoulos Michael

Researcher A

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Short Curriculum Vitae

    - BSC in Physics, School of Physics & Mathematics, University of Thessaloniki, 1971.
    - Ph.D., School of Physics & Mathematics, University of Thessaloniki, 1980
    - Laboratory of Archaeometry, NCSR Demokritos, 1980-present..
    - December 2008, Research Director in the field Luminescence Dating and Solid State Dosimetry of the research area Arcaeometry of I.M.S.
    a)Luminescence measurements (TL, OSL).
    b)Determination of the environmental and the internal radioactivity (U and Th content) of archaeological and geological materials (microdosimetry).
    c)Study of the TL phenomena.
  • Development of new techniques for more precise and broader material applicability luminescence dating and authenticity of archaeological, geological and paleontological materials.
  • Innovative applications in the fields of archaeology and geology.
  • Development of new techniques in the field of microdosimetry and environmental dosimetry applicable to luminescence dating. Recently the potentials of application of these techniques for the isotopic dating of speleothems and ancient metals are studied.

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