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Eamonn Devlin

Researcher A

+30 210 6503345

Senior Researcher, Head of Mössbauer and AFM Laboratories.

Experimentally my work is focused chiefly on Mössbauer and magnetic measurements. My main interest is in magnetic nanoparticles, thin films and multilayers. Following earlier work on FePt multilayers I am currently working on Fe-Pt nanoparticles and alloys. These materials are fabricating using wet chemical methods and sputtering. For the goal of magnetic recording materials, we are aiming to produce the tetragonal phase directly, without subsequent heat treatments, or at least a reduced temperature heat treatment step. Mössbauer spectroscopy is used to obtain information on the basic structural and magnetic properties of these nanoparticles. In addition I work on Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 oxide nanoparticles. These materials have many potential applications in magnetic recording and in medicine. Amongst the research projects the laboratory is involved in are those on Fe-Cr alloys for nuclear fusion reactors, mineral processing, and catalysts.

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