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Anno Hein

Researcher B

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Research Interests

Dr. Anno Hein is physicist and he is working at the Institute of Materials Science (IMS) since 1998 collaborating in various research projects on the characterization of archaeological materials. The main focus of his research is on the provenance and technology of ancient materials with a special interest in archaeological ceramics, but also building materials, pigments and metals.

Former projects concerned for example the standardization of chemical analyses of archaeological ceramics, the geochemical variation of raw material sources for pottery production in view of ceramic provenance studies and the technological characterization of Bronze Age metallurgical ceramics. Apart from the chemical and mineralogical examination of artefacts and raw materials he is also involved in material testing of archaeological objects with regard to their mechanical and thermal properties. Having a professional background in computer science his current research includes computer modelling of materials’ behaviour under loads in order to examine the operation conditions for the use of functional ceramics. Further computer related projects concern software development for data acquisition and evaluation and database design. Moreover, he was responsible for the concept and design of the present web page of the IMS.

Apart from the IMS, he is collaborating with the Metal Conservation Laboratory at the TEI of Athens. This collaboration concerns the development of advanced methods for the damage assessment of metal objects in view of conservation planning.

Specific research interests:

  • Thermal conductivity of pyrotechnical ceramics and its impact on refractoriness and fuel consumption
  • Heating efficiency of prehistoric ceramic cooking pots
  • Technological development of Hellenistic and Roman transport amphorae
  • Technological characterization of Byzantine wall paintings
  • Database development for material data



Senior Researcher at the Institute of Materials Science


Associate Researcher at the Institute of Materials Science


Associate Researcher at the TEI of Athens in the EU funded program PROMET


Associate Researcher (Post-Doc) at the Institute of Materials Science, N.C.S.R. "Demokritos"


Post Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Materials Science, N.C.S.R. Demokritos, in the EU funded program GEOPRO


Software developer at Mosaic Software AG


Research associate at the Helmholtz-Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Bonn


PhD thesis at the Helmholtz-Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Bonn (Dr. rer. nat.): 'TXRF with synchrotron radiation'


Studies of physics and informatics at the University of Bonn (Diplomphysiker)

CV Anno Hein

Selected journal publications

  • A. Hein, I. Karatasios, N.S. Müller and V. Kilikoglou (2013) Heat transfer properties of pyrotechnical ceramics used in ancient metallurgy, Thermochimica Acta 537, 87-94.
  • I. Karatasios, A. Hein, N.S. Müller, P. Triantafyllides and V. Kilikoglou (2013) Technological Insights on the Ancient Ceramic Beehive’s Production of Agathonisi Island, Greece, Applied Clay Science 82, 37-43.
  • Evely, D., Hein, A. and Nodarou, E. (2012) Crucibles from Palaikastro, East Crete: Insights into Metallurgical Technology in the Aegean Late Bronze Age, Journal of Archaeological Science 39, 6, 1821-1836.
  • Hein, A., Kilikoglou, V. (2012) ceraDAT - Prototype of a web-based relational database for archaeological ceramics, Archaeometry 54, 2, 230-243.
  • Hein, A., Karatasios, I. and Mourelatos, D. (2009) Byzantine wall paintings from Mani (Greece): microanalytical investigation of pigments and plasters, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 395, 2061-2071.
  • Hein, A., Georgopoulou, V., Nodarou, E., Kilikoglou, V. (2008) Koan amphorae from Halasarna - investigations in a Hellenistic amphora production centre, Journal of Archaeological Science 35, 1049-1061.
  • Hein, A., Müller, N.S., Day, P.M., Kilikoglou, V. (2008) Thermal conductivity of archaeological ceramics: The effect of inclusions, porosity and firing temperature, Thermochimica Acta 480, 35-42.
  • Hein, A., Kilikoglou, V. (2007) Modeling of thermal behavior of ancient metallurgical ceramics, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 90, 878-884.
  • Hein, A., Kilikoglou, V., Kassianidou, V. (2007) Chemical and mineralogical examination of metallurgical ceramics from a Late Bronze Age copper smelting site in Cyprus, Journal of Archaeological Science 34, 141-154.
  • Hein, A., Day, P.M., Cau Ontiveros, M.A., Kilikoglou, V. (2004) Red clays from Central and Eastern Crete: Geochemical and mineralogical properties in view of provenance studies on ancient ceramics, Applied Clay Science 24, 245-255.
  • Hein, A., Day, P.M., Quinn, P.S., Kilikoglou, V. (2004) The geochemical diversity of neogene clay deposits in crete and its implications for provenance studies of minoan pottery, Archaeometry 46, 357-384.
  • Hein, A., Mommsen, H., Zender, G. (2004) Pliocene clays from Aegina (Greece): Reference material for chemical provenance studies on Bronze Age pottery from the island, Geoarchaeology 19, 553-564.
  • Hein, A., Tsolakidou, A., Iliopoulos, I., Mommsen, H., Buxeda i Garrigós, J., Montana, G., Kilikoglou, V. (2002) Standardisation of elemental analytical techniques applied to provenance studies of archaeological ceramics: An inter laboratory calibration study, Analyst 127, 542-553.
  • Hein, A., Tsolakidou, A., Mommsen, H. (2002) Mycenaean pottery from the Argolid and Achaia-a mineralogical approach where chemistry leaves unanswered questions, Archaeometry 44, 177-186.
  • Hein, A., Mommsen, H., Maran, J. (1999) Element concentration distributions and most discriminating elements for provenancing by neutron activation analyses of ceramics from Bronze Age Sites in Greece, Journal of Archaeological Science 26, 1053-1058.

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