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Ioannis Karatasios

Research Officer

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Ioannis Karatasios is a research officer in the Institute of Materials Science of the National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos, since March 2007, with an initial employment background in the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. He owns a BSc in Archaeological and Architectural Conservation from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece (1998) and a PhD in Conservation Science from De Montfort University, UK (2005), on the development of lime-based mortars with enhanced durability against sulphates.

He works on the characterisation of archaeological and building materials and he is specializing in research on mortars technology and the pathology of stone monuments. His research activities also include the study of archaeological glass, ceramics and wall paintings.

Ioannis Karatasios is collaborating with the department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, TEI of Athens in many research projects and he teaches Conservation of Stone and Archaeological objects.

He is a member of the European Committee for Standardisation CEN/TC 346/ WG2 ‘Materials constituting cultural property’ and task leader for the WI ‘Characterisation of Stone’, a member of the Hellenic Committee for Standardisation ELOT/ TC 96, a member of the International Institute for Conservation (IIC), the Hellenic Society of Archaeometry (HSA) and a Chartered Surveyor for archaeological and historical monuments. 

Research Interests

Ioannis Karatasios currently is working on three fronts:

  • Technology of archaeological mortars and development of new conservation mortars.
  • Pathology and consolidation of architectural monuments and decorative surfaces.
  • Weathering and technology of archaeological glass and ceramics.





Selected journal publications

  • Tziotziou M., Karakosta E., Karatasios I., Diamantopoulos G. ,Sapalidis A., Fardis M., Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki P., Papavassiliou G., Kilikoglou V. (2011) Application of 1H NMR to hydration and porosity studies of lime-pozzolan mixtures, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 139, 16-24.
  • Karatasios, I., Katsiotis, M. S., Likodimos, V., Kontos, A. I., Papavassiliou, G., Falaras, P., Kilikoglou, V. (2010) Photo-induced self-cleaning and carbonation of lime-TiO2 mortars, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 95, 78-86.
  • Hein, A., Karatasios, I. and Mourelatos, D. (2009) Byzantine wall paintings from Mani (Greece): microanalytical investigation of pigments and plasters, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 395, 2061-2071.
  • Karatasios, I., Theoulakis, P., Kalagri, A., Sapalidis, A., Kilikoglou, V. (2009) Evaluation of consolidation treatments of marly limestones used in archaeological monuments , Construction and Building Materials 23, 2803-2812.
  • Karatasios, I., Kilikoglou, V., Theoulakis, P., Colston, B., Watt, D. (2008) Sulphate resistance of lime-based barium mortars, Cement and Concrete Composites 30, 815-821.
  • Karatasios, I., Kilikoglou, V., Colston, B., Theoulakis, P., Watt, D. (2007) Setting process of lime-based conservation mortars with barium hydroxide, Cement and Concrete Research 37, 886-893.
  • Maravelaki-Kalaitzaki, P., Bakolas, A., Karatasios, I., Kilikoglou, V. (2005) Hydraulic lime mortars for the restoration of historic masonry in Crete, Cement and Concrete Research 35, 1577-1586.

Selected publications in proceedings

  • Theoulakis, P., Karatasios, I., Stefanis, N.A. (2008) Performance criteria and evaluation parameters for the consolidation of stone, Stone consolidation in cultural heritage. Research and practice (ed. Rodrigues, J.D., Mimoso, J.M.) LNEC 279-288.
  • P. Theoulakis, M. Giannoulaki, S. Poulimenea, I. Karatasios, V. Kilikoglou, P. Themelis (2004) Deterioration layers and crust formations on two Hellenistic excavated marble sculptures. Analytical and theoretical approach, 10th International Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone (ed. Kwiatkowski, D., Lofvendahl, R.) 43-50.

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