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Luminescence Dating and Solid State Dosimetry

Researcher in charge: C. Michael

The activities of LD-SSD laboratory concern mainly the study of cultural heritage and environment and can be separated more specifically as follows:
a) Development of new techniques for more precise and broader material applicability luminescence (thermally (TL) and optically stimulated (OSL) luminescence) dating and authenticity testing of archaeological, geological and paleontological materials. The up to now studied materials are: ceramics, marbles, mortars, slags, sediments, volcanic materials, fossil shells.
b) Development of new techniques for environmental microdosimetry applicable to luminescence dating and for thick-source alpha counting determination of U and Th content by using solid state phosphors and detectors (TL, PIPS, etc). Recently the potentials of thick-source alpha particle spectroscopy for the dating of speleothems and ancient metals are studied.
c) Study of the TL phenomena.

Research Topics


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