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Advanced Ceramic Materials

Researcher in charge: Dr. George Vekinis

The Advanced Ceramics Laboratory (web.ims.demokritos.gr/Advanced-Ceramics/index-en.htm) offers a multi-disciplinary environment with extensive materials processing facilities and thermo-mechanical characterization techniques. Current research activities fall in three main areas: a) Hybrid materials for extreme environments, such as thermo-mechanical protection systems (TPS) for spacecraft (funded by the European Space Agency, ESA), b) functional industrial ceramics, such as heterogeneous catalysts for environmental protection and chemical synthesis and c) Reduction of environmental impact of production processes. In the first area, recent major developments are the “HybridTPS” system which is undergoing feasibility studies as well as the new BioPICA ablator system for ultra high velocity spacecraft. Recently, we succeeded in obtaining RD funding under a FP7/Space project "RASTAS SPEAR" on the further development of an ablating TPS for spacecraft. The lab also has a role in the FP7/Space project HYDRA on TPS development. A new FP7/Space project - PULCHER - has just started on 1 Jan 2013 to develop new rockets for exploration craft. In addition, we recently received an invitation to partake in a project on developing structural units on the Moon using lunar raw materials as well as to carry out SHS experiments under microgravity conditions. In the second area, we have developed very sensitive inorganic catalysts using the SHS method for use in vehicles and to increase chemical synthesis yields. This is the subject of a number of industrial projects. Our Microwave-assisted drying technology is aimed at the heavy ceramics, lignite and waste materials industries in collaboration with the manufacturing SME "AIT SA" of Thessaloniki, reducing substantially energy use and environmental impact. In this respect, end users of the MW heating technology (customers of AIT SA) include large ceramics manufacturers in Greece and Europe as well as the Greek Power Corporation for lignite processing. Finally, we are currently developing a new method, based on MW-assisted decomposition and electrostatic separation, for converting Carbon Dioxide to C, CO and O2, thereby reducing industrial emissions of CO2 from fossil-fuel burning plants.

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NameProfessionRoleEmail addressTelephone
George VekinisPhysicistResearcher Agvekinis@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503322
G. XanthopoulouChemistResearch Officergxantho@ims.demokritos210 6503348
Amalia MarinouMaterials EngineerResearch Associateamalia.marinou@ims.demokritos.gr+ 30 210 6503339
Rena TsiftideliEconomistResearch Associatertsiftideli@ims.demokritos.gr+ 30 210 6503322
Konstantinos KaranasisosMaterials EngineerPhD Student
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