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Sol-Gel - Pulsed EPR Laboratory

Researcher in charge: G. Kordas

The Glass and Ceramics Sol-Gel & pulsed EPR laboratory was established in 1992. Facilities include a cw and pulsed EPR spectrometer operating at X-band (Bruker ESP 380E) with pulsed ESEEM and ENDOR capability which is unique in Greece, an electrochemistry lab with two potentiostats (Solartron SI 1287, Solartron 1470 Multistat 8 channels), an EIS device (Solartron SI 1260), a network analyzer for measuring dielectric constants (HP 8719D), as well as an ICP spectrometer (ICP, Perkin Elmer Optima 3000) for elemental analysis. Furthermore, the laboratory includes a chemical section for synthesis of chemical compounds, and ovens for thermal treatment of materials up to 1700 °C under controllable conditions. Basic research includes: application of EPR spectroscopy for studying the structure of glasses with bio-compatible properties, development of advanced pulsed EPR methods for applications in quantum computing, as well as EPR studies on the electronic structrure of molecular magnets and paramagnetic nanoparticles. Applied research includes synthesis and characterization of innovative materials such as bio-polymeric nanocontainers for medical applications (drug delivery, cancer therapy), ceramic nanocontainer for antibacterial and corrosion protection of metal alloys, as well as sol-gel and conductive polymers coatings for corrosion protection of metal alloys in cooperation with industries (Mercedes, FIAT, EADS, etc).

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NameProfessionRoleEmail addressTelephone
Giorgos KordasChemistResearcher Agkordas@ims.demookritos.gr210 6503301
Georgios MitrikasPhysicistResearcher Cmitrikas@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503304
Ioannis KartsonakisResearch Associateikartsonakis@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503302
Andronikos BalaskasMSc studentabalaskas@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503302
Christos TapeinosMSc studentctapeinos@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503302
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