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Theoretical Physics of Multielectron and Magnetic Systems

Researcher in charge: S. Thanos

Advances in many-particle quantum mechanics make it possible nowadays to determine the properties of atoms, molecules and solids with sufficient accuracy. Unfortunately, existing techniques are not applicable for large systems. For this purpose one has to resume to approximation methods. Such methods, based on mathematical theorems, have been developed by our group. Our methods include versions of excited state density functional theory, direct mapping optimized effective potential theory, and spin projected Hartree-Fock. For Heisenberg Hamiltonians a method based on a hierarchy of spin algebras has been developed and applied to spin rings with calculations giving results close to those measured experimentally.

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NameProfessionRoleEmail addressTelephone
Stavros ThanosPhysicistResearcher Asthanos@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503319
Maria TassiPhysicistPhD Studentmtassi@ims.demokritos.gr210 6503314
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