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The Department of Materials Science of NCSR ‘Demokritos’ almost every year, at the beginning of the academic year calls for applications for research scholarships leading to a PhD degree. The invitation is of interest to graduates from Natural Science departments of Universities, students about to graduate, holders of Masters degrees, or students nearing the completion of their Master degree. Graduates are selected by examination. Students may participate in the examinations provided no more than two of their undergraduate courses remain for completion. The successful candidates attend postgraduate courses for three semesters, after the successful completion of which they will carry out research leading to PhD. The postgraduate courses are given at the Chemistry department of the University of Athens or at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics at the National Technical University of Athens depending on the basic degree of the successful candidates. Master title holders are selected by interview and immediately start research leading to PhD.
The successful candidates will carry out PhD experimental and/or theoretical research in High Technology Materials, such as: ceramics, alloys, magnetic and superconducting materials, nanostructural materials, molecular magnets, thin films and archaeological materials. The materials are produced and studied using several techniques available at IMS, in collaboration with academic insitutions in Greece and abroad.
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Dr. V. Psycharis, tel. +30 210 6503346, Fax: +30 210 6519430
e-mail: vpsychar@ims.demokritos.gr

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