Laboratory of
5th  European Meeting on
Ancient Ceramics

Modern Trends in Research
and Applications


EMAC '99

18th 20th October 1999

Final Circular

Organised by:

the Laboratory of Archaeometry,
National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"

Under the auspices and financial support of:

Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology (EPET II)
European Union, Directorate General XVI
GEOPRO European TMR Network
National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"


Organising Committee:

Scientific Committee:

This circular is aimed at giving you the final details about the conference. Over eighty papers have been accepted, covering various aspects of archaeometrical ceramic studies. These are divided almost evenly between poster and oral presentations. A preliminary program is enclosed, which may be subject to last minute changes.
The conference will take place in the amphitheater of NCSR "Demokritos", which is in Aghia Paraskevi, a northeastern suburb of Athens.
Following several enquiries about the effect of the recent earthquake in Athens, we would like to inform participants that it has not affected either the area of "Demokritos" nor the area of the hotels in the centre of Athens. The earthquake was centred in the north-west of the city, where most of the damage occurred.

Instructions for posters

The size of posters should be at the maximum 130 cm wide and 110 cm high. Posters should contain title and authors with affiliations (in bold) in the same form as in the abstracts so that participants can easily identify each paper. Also objectives, results and conclusions should be presented in large and clear writing that can be read from at least 1 metre distance. Please use the minimum amount of plain text.

The poster boards are covered by soft cork on which posters can be easily mounted with pins. They are not suitable for adhesive tapes, glue etc. A background paper should be used for all displaying material.

Posters should be mounted during the first day of the meeting and will be on display all through the three days. A special poster session will be scheduled on the second day (Tuesday, 19 October, 11:10-13:00) during which authors should be present by their posters.

Instructions for oral presentation

The maximum time allocated for each oral presentation is 15 minutes allowing 5 minutes for discussion. The session chairman will indicate the time remaining to the speaker at the 12 min mark. Please make sure that the length of your talk is within these limits, otherwise there will not be time for discussion.

There will be facilities for dual images, either with two slide projectors or for a slide and an overhead projector. Also a video projector is available, provided that the participants who would like to use it gives us a week's notice.

In order to help in the slide organisation, slides should be numbered when handed over. A room for handling and checking the slides will be also provided.


The proceedings of the meeting will be published in a volume. The length of each paper should not exceed 7000 words, including tables, photos and diagrams, which should be evaluated at 600 words per page. A short abstract of not more than 150 words should be included at the beginning of each paper. The general layout of the paper as well as the format of citations should be should follow the guidelines for the journal 'Archaeometry'.

The deadline for submission of the papers will be 31st January 2000.


Participants who have not registered can do so on arrival on Monday morning between 9:00 and 10:00. Participants who have previously registered will be able to collect their conference pack (Book of Abstracts, stationary, etc.) at the same time. In order to reduce possible delays and queues during this period, we would appreciate it if participants could submit their registration forms prior to the conference.

We would like to remind participants that a full registration includes the conference stationary, book of abstracts, transport from hotels to the conference, the Symposium dinner, buffet lunches, and refreshments. Student registration represents a full registration status, but at a lower cost for students, from whom we require to provide proof of their student status.

Simple attendance will include only the conference stationary, book of abstracts and refreshments, and does not include lunches, the symposium dinner or transportation. It will be possible to obtain separate tickets for the coach service, lunches, the Symposium diner etc., but participants who intend to use these services and activities may find it more economic to take the full registration.

Participants are welcome to bring their accompanying persons to the Symposium dinner. The cost for a ticket to the dinner will be 12,000 Drachmas.

Method of Payment

We are sorry that we are not be able to accept any credit cards. Payment can be made on the first morning of the conference in cash in Greek Drachmas.
Registration online
download registration form ( MS Word document )
download second circular ( MS Word document )
download final circular ( MS Word document )
download preliminary programm ( MS Word document )

Note: people, who have already registered and authors of abstracts, will get the final circular by mail.


From the airport:

The simplest way to reach your hotel from the airport is by a taxi. This will cost you approximately 2.500 Drs including airport and luggage surcharges. There is a bus service from the airport but you may find it difficult if you are not familiar with the city.

From Athens to NCSR "Demokritos":

Special coaches will run from the two designated hotels (see below) to Demokritos every morning and back in the evening. All participants with a full registration status (including student registrations) can use this service, irrespective of where they are staying. The coaches will leave from the front of each hotel at 8:30 a.m.. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes. If necessary, any information about any changes will be displayed in the reception area of each hotel.

Demokritos can also be reached by a regular public bus service. The buses run approximately every 15 min and the whole ride may take 45 min to 1 hr depending on the amount of traffic. The number of the bus is B5 and it runs up ALEXANDRAS AVENUE, towards MESOGION AVENUE onto which it turns left. The nearest bus stop to the conference hotels is by the junction of these two avenues. The bus runs up Mesogion Avenue for most of its length and then turns right into Aghia Paraskevi. There is a bus stop outside Demokritos, which is the 5th stop after the bus leaves Mesogion Avenue (ask the driver for "Demokritos"). The bus tickets cost 120 Drachmas each and you must buy them at a kiosk or a newspaper/cigarette store before getting on the bus.

You can easily get to Demokritos by taxi (be prepared to share it with someone else !!). The cost from the city centre to Demokritos is approximately 1000 Drachmas.


The recommended hotels for the conference are:

1. ALEXANDROS, 8 Timoleontos Vassou Str., 115 21 Athens. Class B hotel.
( tel: +30 1 6430464)

2. RIVA, 114 Michalakopoulou Str., Athens. Class A hotel.
( tel: +30 1 7706611)

If you have not yet booked accommodation and wish to do so, you should direct your enquiries to the following address as soon as possible:

Kalirrois 23
11743 Athens

tel: +30 1 9215 766
fax: +30 1 9215 569

WWW Links for more information about Athens

Correspondence address

Emergency Contact Telephone Number

In case any participant encounters serious problems during the course of the conference (16th to 20th October), we have arranged for a mobile phone which will be kept in the possession of a member of the organising committee throughout this period.
The number will be: 0932 672113
The phone will only be active during this short period, and, when possible, we request that you use the usual telephone numbers given above. Please do not use this number for general enquiries.

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