7 November 2002






The 7th ASMOSIA Conference will take place at Limenas on the island of Thassos, Greece on 15–20 September 2003.


The ASMOSIA Conferences deal with all subjects related to the scientific studies of marble and other stones used in antiquity, including their geological, archaeological and art historian aspects. In particular the subjects of the Conference involve:

·       Characterisation of materials

·       Identification of stone provenance

·       Stone carving and dressing techniques

·       Quarrying techniques, quarry organisation and stone transport

·       Data bases and standards for stone analyses

·       Physical, chemical and mechanical effects caused by surface treatment

·       Weathering of stones and its effects on provenance identification

·       Authentication of marble and stone sculpture

·       Specific applications to archaeological and art-historical problems involving scientific measurements


You are invited to submit abstracts following a fixed format (abstract) on any of the above subjects for the Thassos Conference.

Deadline for abstracts: April 18th, 2003.


The first four days will be devoted to oral and poster presentations and the last two to visits of the marble quarries and excursions around the island.


The Conference will be organized jointly by: the Laboratory of Archaeometry, National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", the 18th Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, the French School at Athens and the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration. The Conference building and other facilities will be kindly offered by the Municipality of Thassos.


The latest information and instructions for submissions of abstracts, registration forms etc, can be found on the Conference web page: http://www.ims.demokritos.gr/archae/Asmosia2003.html or by sending an e-mail to: asmosiaVII@ims.demokritos.gr


Information about the conference can also be obtained from the 18th Archaeological Eforia at Kavala, 17 Erythrou Stavrou Str., Kavala.

Dr. Stratis Papadopoulos,

Tel.: 0030-2510-222335, 228660

Fax: 0030-2510-224717

e-mail: strapapa@in.gr 




The conference will be organized in the main town and principal port of Thassos, called Limenas or simply Thassos, which is just opposite the main land and the town of Keramoti. The sessions will be held at the traditional building named “Kalogeriko” (view photo) which is recently restored and refurbished. For more information about the island and maps visit: http://www.thassos-travel.com . 




  There are basically three ways to reach the island of Thassos (Limenas).


1.     Fly to the airport of Kavala (Chrysoupolis). This airport is served with charter flights form UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic and Poland. From the airport take a taxi to Keramoti (a small port just opposite Thassos) 14 Km from the airport. From Keramoti take the ferry to Limenas (Thassos). The journey lasts about 30 min and the current price is: 1.90 € per person and 9.10 € per car. There are 12 departures for Thassos per day from 07:30 – 22:00 hours.


2.     Fly to the airport of Thessaloniki. Take a bus or taxi to the center of the city and then a bus or taxi to the city of Kavala. The price of the bus from Thessaloniki to Kavala is: 8 € per person while, the taxi costs about 90 €.  You can take a taxi from the airport directly to Kavala (always discuss the cost with the driver before) or rent a car. From the city of Kavala take the fast boat (flying dolphins) to Limenas (Thassos). There are only 3 departures for Thassos per day (09:30, 12:00, 16:30). If you have a car and want to take it to Thassos, the best way is to drive to Keramoti and take the ferry from there.


3.     Fly to the airport of Athens. Take the plane to Kavala and from there by taxi to Keramoti for the ferryboat as described in the first option. There are four flights daily from Athens to Kavala.




The dates of the conference are 15 – 20 September. There will be normal sessions and poster presentations from the 15 – 18th of September. The last two days, 19th and 20th will be devoted to field trips to the marble quarries. On the 19th we will visit most the marble quarries by coach, while on the 20th will see some quarries by boat and have a relaxing excursion around the island.

  Details about the field trips and costs will be announced later.



There are a number of hotels and accommodation facilities at Limenas or at some distance from it. We have reserved a number of rooms at hotels in Limenas with the following prices, which include private bathroom and breakfast:



















You should make your own inquires, reservations and payment for accommodation though our ASMOSIA VII Conference travel agent:



Tel.: +30-25930-22633 or 22676

Fax: +30-25930-22087

e-mail: endless@tha.forthnet.gr, web page: http://www.thassos-travel.com


They will be happy to assist you with any type of accommodation, inside or outside Limenas, excursions, travel arrangements, holiday resorts, etc.


In every contact with our travel agent please indicate: ASMOSIA VII. 




Full Registration Fee: 50 Euros or US Dollars (includes: stationery, book of abstracts, coffees, receptions)

Student Registration Fee: 30 Euros or US Dollars (includes: all the above)

Guest Registration Fee: 25 Euros or US Dollars (includes: attendance of the conference, participations to all social events, but does not include stationary and abstracts)


An additional fee of 20 Euros or US Dollars will be assessed for full registrants who have not paid their ASMOSIA membership for 2002 and 2003.

 Download registration form (.doc)


Accompanying Persons

Program and details will be announced later.




Please follow the instructions and format provided on the separate sheet (abstract format). Because abstracts will be directly reproduced without any changes, authors are entirely responsible for their appearance, good English and typing errors.

The Scientific Committee, depending on the general interest of each paper, will divide the papers into oral and poster presentations. There will be plenty of time allocated to the poster session, when participants will visit the posters and discuss them with the authors. If you prefer to have your presentation as poster please so indicate at the bottom of your abstract sheet.

Please send your abstract in an electronic form MS-word document, by e-mail or by diskette to the correspondence address (see below). Underline the speaker’s name. Receipt of abstracts will be confirmed only electronically. For this reason always write your contact e-mail address. 





Best Student Poster Awards

The ASMOSIA association will offer two awards for the best two posters prepared by students. The award for the first place would be 300 €/$US and for the second place 200 €/$US. If you want your poster to be considered for the award please indicate so clearly at the bottom of your abstract.


Full papers

The Conference proceedings will be published. The full papers will be submitted shortly after the Conference. All submitted papers, irrespective of oral or poster presentation, will be critically and editorially reviewed. Detailed instructions will be announced in the next circular.


Financial assistance

There are efforts to obtain some funds, which will be used as partial support to participants. If successful, these will be distributed with a priority to those more in need.

 If you require financial assistance please enclose a letter together with your registration form explaining the reasons and the amount necessary to make your participation possible.


Correspondence address

Please address all correspondence, express of interest forms, abstracts and registration forms by post, fax or by e-mail (please send all forms as attached MS-Word .doc files) to:


ASMOSIA Conference,

Laboratory of Archaeometry,

NCSR “Demokritos”,

153 10 Aghia Paraskevi, Attiki



e-mail: asmosiaVII@ims.demokritos.gr



Express of Interest

If you are interested in receiving further circulars and information about the conference please fill in the Express of Interest form and send it to the above correspondence address by post or e-mail.


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