Association for the Study of Marble and Other Stones used in Antiquity



7th International Conference


             Thassos, Greece 15 – 20 September 2003



The conference is sponsored by:

·       The Greek Ministry of Culture

·       The Greek Ministry of the Aegean

·       The Association of Marble Enterprises of Macedonia and Thrace

·       The Laskarides Marble S.A.

·       F.H.L. I. Kyriakidis Marble S.A.



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(View a satellite image of Thassos, kindly provided by Michael Greenhalgh)

NEW!!! View a city plan of Limenas


It is only a few days left for the Conference. The organisation activities are now transferred to Thassos and the usual conference e-mail address may not respond to any of your last minute questions. Please try the Endless Holidays e-mail at Thassos: . For any other urgent questions please use the Emergency contacts.

For acquainting yourself with the town of Limenas where the conference is going to take place see the city plan, just put on the web.   

If you are coming from a non-European country, change some money to Euro before getting on the plane to Kavala because at Kavala airport there is no exchange bureau. You will need to pay in Euro for your taxi to Keramoti and the ferryboat. 

Emergency contacts

In the case you are lost or stranded somewhere in Greece you can contact the following mobile phones: Yannis Maniatis: +30-6974358697, Tony Kozelj: +30-6945 201175, Stratis Papadopoulos: +30-6972007443. Please do not call for information about the nearest nightclub!

Other useful phones on Thassos where you can get some help and information: The French School: 25930-22788, The Archaeological Museum in Thassos: 25930-22180, The Travel Agent Endless Holidays: 25930-22633.


Please see latest additions to the Program and Abstracts (26/8/2003)

The day of the Conference is quite near; we hope you have all arranged your trip and accommodation. The weather is expected good, but all options are open! If you are allergic to mosquito bites you need to take with you some crèmes, not so much for Thassos itself but for the opposite cost, in case you spend some time there in the evening. 

Scientific Program

A number of 105 papers have been submitted and will be presented at the 7th ASMOSIA Conference. Sixty-five of them are going to be presented as oral from Monday morning to Thursday afternoon 15-18 September 2003, and 40 as posters. The posters will be displayed for the whole duration of the conference and in addition there will be two special poster sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

The Final Program and the Abstracts are now on the web.  If you observe any typos or mistakes please contact





A large turnout is expected, more than 120 people have already been registered and a lot more are expected. The conference room at Kalogeriko building is going to be full. There will be a relaxing registration on Sunday afternoon at “Kalogeriko” (17:00 – 19:00 hours) to avoid the crowding on Monday morning. Please come to register in the evening and then have your ouzo drink in one of the taverns.  Due to the de-evaluation of dollar to Euro, it will be better for those coming from the USA or Canada to change their dollars to Euro in a bank before, so we do not have to make conversions at the time of registration.     

The Field trips

On Friday 19/9/2003 there will be a whole day field trip by coach to the ancient and modern marble quarries in the area of Aliki on the island. On Saturday 20/9/2003, there will be a half day relaxing excursion by boat round the island and we will be back in the early afternoon, so that those willing to leave with the evening flights from Kavala can do so. For more details and costs click Field Trips, for filling the participation form click Field Trip Participation Form. 


The conference will be organized in the main town and principal port of Thassos, called Limenas or simply Thassos, which is just opposite the main land and the town/port of Keramoti. The sessions will be held at the traditional building named “Kalogeriko” (view photo) which is recently restored and refurbished. For maps visit: . A satellite image of Thassos is kindly provided by Michael Greenhalgh.



The dates of the conference are 15 – 20 September. There will be normal sessions and poster presentations from the 15 – 18th of September (see Final Program). The last two days, 19th and 20th will be devoted to field trips to the marble quarries. On the 19th we will visit marble quarries by coach, while on the 20th will visit some quarries by boat and have a relaxing excursion with lunch on board (see Field Trips).







There are basically three ways to reach the island of Thassos (Limenas).


1.         Fly to the airport of Kavala (Chrysoupolis): From the airport of Kavala take a taxi to Keramoti (the port opposite Thassos – see maps). Taxi is the only way to go from the airport to Keramoti and costs 10 € including all extras. From Keramoti take the ferryboat to Thassos, the times and prices are given below. If you need assistance or other information at the airport, proceed to the Europcar desk in the main airport area. There will be a person from the Conference at the desk ready to assist you.


2.         Fly to the airport of Thessaloniki: Take a bus or taxi to the center of the city and then a bus to the city of Kavala. The bus station for Kavala is on 194 Yannitson Street in Thessaloniki. The buses leave every full hour from 06:00 to 20:00, and then at 22:00, the last one. The same times hold for Saturday and Sunday. The journey from Thessaloniki to Kavala lasts 2hr + 40min and the ticket price is: 10.20 € per person. When you arrive at Kavala you have two options, a) from the harbour of Kavala take the Hydrofoil to Limenas (Thassos) however, the last flight is at 14:00 hours (the times and prices are given below) or b) from the same bus station at Kavala where the bus from Thessaloniki will leaves you take another bus to Keramoti port and from there the ferryboat to Thassos. The buses from Kavala bus station to Keramoti leave every hour and the journey lasts about 40 min. The last bus is at 19:00 hours and in order to make this last one to Keramoti you have to take the 16:00 o’clock bus from Thessaloniki. Alternatively from Kavala you can take a taxi to Keramoti, it takes about 30 min and would cost less than 20 €. The last ferryboat from Keramoti to Thassos is at 22:00 hours (see timetable below).

If you are a company of 3 or 4 people arriving at the airport of Thessaloniki, it might be worth taking a taxi from there directly to Kavala or Keramoti. It takes 2 hours and the price would be around 90 € (always discuss the cost with the driver before!).

If you are driving from Thessaloniki or Athens you should pass the city of Kavala towards the city of Xanthi and arrive again at Keramoti port (half way between Kavala and Xanthi) and from there take again the ferryboat to Thassos.


3.         If you fly to the Athens airport: Take the plane to Kavala and from there by taxi to Keramoti for the ferryboat as described in the first option. There are four flights daily from Athens to Kavala. From Athens airport, you can also take a taxi or a bus (Bus no. E95, ticket price 2.90 €) and go to the main train station (Stathmos Larissis) where you take the train to Thessaloniki (6 hours), and from there the bus to Kavala (see option 2).



When you arrive at the port of Thassos (Limenas) either by ferryboat or hydrofoil, look for an umbrella signed ASMOSIA VII, at the port. People from our travel agent (Endless Holidays) will be there to take you to your hotels. If you have not booked your accommodation yet, please do so as soon as possible by sending e-mail to our travel agent (Endless Holidays).





Keramoti - Thassos

Thassos - Keramoti

Ticket prices and duration






Passenger, one way: 1.5 €



Small car, one way: 9.30 €






Trip duration: 35 min




























          (Operates from the city of Kavala)


Kavala – Thassos
Thassos – Kavala

Ticket prices and duration








One way: 8.00 €



Return: 14.80 €



Child: 4.00 €






Trip duration: 40 min