Association for the Study of Marble and Other Stones used in Antiquity



7th International Conference


             Thassos, Greece 15 – 20 September 2003









Friday 19/9/2003


1) Field trip by coach to ancient and modern marble quarries


08:30   Departure by coach for a field trip to ancient marble quarries of Aliki, Byzantine marble quarries and various modern ones. On the way we will see various places of interest, archaeological sites (e.g. Neolithic and Bronze Age Limenaria), copper mines and some traditional villages of the island. Lunch at Aliki.

21:00   Return to Limenas


            Cost of trip, including lunch: 30 Euros




Saturday 20/9/2003



2) Relaxing boat trip to dolomitic marble quarries



08:00   Departure by boat from Limenas. Visit by sea the quarries of Cape Fanari, Saliara, Vathy, Pyrgos, and other nice sites such as Panagia, Golden Sand Beech etc. Lunch on board.


16:00   Return to Limenas. There would be plenty of time for those wishing to take the evening flights from the airport of Kavala. 


            Cost of trip, including lunch: 30 Euros


            If you intend to participate to the field trips please fill in now the attached Field Trip Participation Form and send it by e-mail to