E. Dotsika - Recent Publications


Publications in international peer-reviewed journals

1.                Colonese A.C., Zanchetta G., Dotsika E., Drysdale R.N., Fallick A.E., Grifoni Cremonesi R., Manganelli G., 2010. Early-Middle Holocene Land snail SHELL Stable isotope record from Grotta di Latronico 3 (Southern Italy). Journal of Quaternary Science, ID, JQS-10-0007.

2.                Dotsika E., Poutoukis D., Raco B., Psomiadis D., 2010. Stable isotope composition of Hellenic bottled waters. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, GEXPLO, 04806.

3.                Dotsika E., Poutoukis D., Raco B., 2010. Fluid geochemistry of the Methana Peninsula and Loutraki geothermal area, Greece. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 104, 97-104.

4.                E. Dotsika, D. Poutoukis, W. Kloppmann, C. Guerrot, D. Voutsa, TH. Kouimtzis, 2010. The use of O, H, B, Sr and S isotopes for tracing the origin of dissolved boron in groundwater in central Macedonia, Greece. Applied Geochemistry, DOI: 10.1016/ j.apgeochem. 2010.09.006

5.                DOTSIKA E., Lykoudis S., Poutoukis D., 2010. Spatial distribution of the isotopic composition of precipitation and spring water in Greece. Global and Planetary Change, 71, 141-149.

6.                Lykoudis S., Argyriou A., DOTSIKA E., 2010. Spatially interpolated time series of 18O in Eastern Mediterranean precipitation. Global and Planetary Change, 71, 150-159

7.                Dotsika E., Poutoukis D., Tzavidopoulos E., Ignatiadou D., Maniatis Y., 2009. A Natron source at Pikrolimni Lake in Greece? Geochemical evidence. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 103, 133-143.

8.                Dotsika E., Psomiadis D., Poutoukis D., Gamaletsos P., 2009. Isotopic analysis for degradation diagnosis of calcite matrix in mortar. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 395, 2227-2234.

9.                Jarc S., Maniatis Y., Dotsika E., Tambakopoulos D., Zupancic N., 2009. The Characterisation of Pohorje Marbles, Slovenia, for Further Provenance Studies. Archaeometry, 52, 2,177-190

10.             Maniatis Y., Tambakopoulos D., Dotsika E., 2009. Marble provenance investigation of Roman sarcophagi from Thessaloniki. Archaeometry, 51, 1, 45-58

11.             Dotsika E., Poutoukis D., Michelot J.L., Raco B., 2009. Natural tracers for identifying the origin of the thermal fluids emerging along the Aegean Volcanic Arc (Greece): Evidence of arc-type magmatic water (ATMW) participation. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 179, 19-32.

12.             Voutsa D., Dotsika E., Kouras A., Poutoukis D., Kouimtzis Th., 2009. Study on distribution and origin of boron in groundwater in the area of Chalkidiki, Northern Greece by employing chemical and isotopic tracers. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 172, 1264-1272.

13.             Psomiadis D., Dotsika E., Zisi N., Pennos C., Pechlivanidou S., Albanakis K., Syros A., Vaxevanopoulos M., 2009. Geoarchaeological study of Katarraktes cave system: Isotopic evidence for environmental alterations. Géomorphologie: relief, processus, environnement, No. 4/2009, 229-240.

14.             MANIATIS Y., SOTIRAKOPOULOU P., POLIKRERI K., DOTSIKA E., TZAVIDOPOULOS E., 2009. The “Keros Hoard”: Provenance of marbles and their possible sources. Bulletin Correspondance Hellénique (BCH) , 51, 413-437.

15.             MANIATIS Y., PAPADOPOULOS S., DOTSIKA E., KAVOUSSANAKI D., TZAVIDOPOULOS E., 2009. Provenance Investigation of Neolithic marble vases from Limenaria, Thassos: imported marble to Thassos? Bulletin Correspondance Hellénique (BCH) 51, 439-449.

1.                PALAGIA ., MANIATIS Y., DOTSIKA E., KAVOUSSANAKI D., 2009. New investigations on the pedimental sculptures of the ‘Hieron’ of Samothrace: a preliminary report. Bulletin Correspondance Hellénique (BCH), 51, 113-132.

2.                GAGGADIS-ROBIN V., SINTES C., KAVOUSSANAKI D., DOTSIKA E., MANIATIS Y., 2009. Provenance investigation of some marble Sarcophagi from Arles with stable isotope and maximum grain size analyses. Bulletin Correspondance Hellénique (BCH), 51, 133-146.

3.                DOTSIKA E., MANIATIS Y., IGNATIADOY D., 2008. A Natron source for glass making in Greece: Preliminary results. Bar, international series, 359-362.

4.                DURIEZ A., MARLIN C., DOTSIKA E., MASSAULT M., NORET A., MOREL J.L., 2007. Geochemical evidence of sea-water intrusion into a coastal geothermal field of central Greece: example of the Thermopylae system. Environmental Geology 54 (3), 551-564.

5.                DOTSIKA E., LEONTIADIS I., POUTOUKIS D., CIONI R., RACO B., 2006. Fluid geochemistry of the Chios geothermal area, Chios Island, Greece. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal. Research 154 (3-4), 237-250.

6.                DOTSIKA E., POUTOUKIS D., MICHELOT J.L., Kloppmann W., 2006. Stable Isotope and Chloride, Boron study for tracing sources of boron contamination in groundwater: boron contents in fresh and thermal water in different areas in Greece. Water, Air and Soil Pollution ,174, 19-32.

7.                CHARISTOS D., VAVLIAKIS L., DOTSIKA E., DALAXOPOULOU A., BOTOS C., 1999. Water chemistry variations in inputs to lake Nissiou (Northern Greece) and their implications for calcareous tuffa deposition. Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie 43 (3), 299-319.

8.                MICHELOT J.L., DOTSIKA E., FYTIKAS M., 1993. A hydrochemical and isotopic study of thermal waters in Lesbos island (Greece). Geothermics 22 (2), 91-99.

9.                DOTSIKA E., MICHELOT J.L., 1992. Origine et températures en profondeur des eaux thermales d’Ikaria (Grèce). C.R.Acad. Sci. Paris, 315 (II), 1261-1266.

10.             DOTSIKA E., POUTOUKIS D., KLOPPMANN W., GUERROT C., VOUTSA D., KOUIMTZIS T., 2010. The use of Boron, Strontium and Sulphate isotopes for tracing the origin of dissolved Boron in groundwater in central Macedonia, Greece. Applied Geochemistr, in press.



In Book Chapters

1.                Maniatis Y., Polikreti K., Dotsika E., Tzavidopoulos I., 2005. The Keros Hourd: Provenance of the Figurines and Possible Sources of Marble in the Cyclades. In: P. Sotirakopoulou The Keros Hoard: Myth or reality? N.P. Goulandris Foundation-Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, Greece, 326-341.

2.                Maniatis Y., Dotsika E., KAVOUSSANAKI D., 2005. Techniques utilisées pour déterminer la provenance des quelques sarcophages en marbre du Musée de l’Arles et de la provenance antiques. In V. Gaggadis-Robin Les sarcophages Païens. Musée de l’Arles Antique. Editions du musée de l’Arles et de la Provence Antiques, France, 281-286.

3.                CHIODINI G., CIONI R., DI PAOLA G.M., DOTSIKA E., FYTIKAS M., GUIDI M., LEONIS C., LYBEROPOULOU V., MAGRO G., MARINI L., MELETIDIS S., MICHELOT J.L., POUTOUKIS D., RACO B., RUSSO M., VIRGILI G., 1998. Geochemistry of Santorini fluids. In: Casale R., Fytikas M., Sigvaldasson G., Vogioukalalis G., Volcanic Risk - The European laboratory volcanoes, Santorini Volcano laboratory, 193-232.


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