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Thursday, 15 Nov 2018
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Symposium information

Oxford, 1972

12th Symposium on Archaeometry and Archaeological Prospection

Oxford, 16 - 18 March 1972

Hosting institution(s): RLAHA, University of Oxford, UK

Announced Archaeometry 14(1) (1972):
Annual Symposium on Archaeometry and Archaeology Prospection The 1972 Symposium will be held in Oxford on Friday March 17th, and Saturday March 18th. The first day will be reserved for specialist research reports and the second day will be more orientated to non-specialists. Details and registration forms will be available during February from the Symposium Secretary, RLA, 6 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QJ. Please enclose stamped address envelope. The symposium will be preceded on Thursday March 16th by two sessions restricted to active workers in the fields concerned:

  1. Techniques of Physico-chemical Analysis,
  2. Thermoluminescent dating
Conference Programme
Prospezioni Archaeologiche 7, 1972
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