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The International Symposium on Archaeometry

Monday, 12 Nov 2018
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History of the Symposium

The Symposium on Archaeological Prospection from 1961 until 1968

During the early years the symposium was focused exclusively on archaeological prospection using geophysical methods. After a first meeting in London in 1961 during the following years the symposium was organized at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art (RLAHA) at the University of Oxford. It was initially designed as a one-day user meeting for archaeologists using proton gradiometers for prospection. The numbering was defined by I. Scollar in 1978.

Symposia 1961-1968

8th, Symposium on Archaeological Prospection

Oxford, 23 May 1968

7th, Magnetic Location Symposium

Oxford, 18 March 1967

6th, Magnetic Location Symposium

Oxford, 12 March 1966

5th, Magnetic Location Symposium

Oxford, 13 March 1965

4th, ??

Oxford, 1964

3rd, Reunion of Maxbleep owners to exchange experiences and to discuss problems

Oxford, 1963

2nd, Training course for achaeologists who had purchased proton gradiometers (Maxbleeps)

Oxford, 30 June 1962

1st, Meeting on 'Prospection in Archaeology by Geophysical Methods'

London, 1961

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