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Monday, 12 Nov 2018
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Martin J. Aitken student poster awards at ISA


The International Symposium on Archaeometry offers two awards in every venue for the two best student posters in honor of Martin J. Aitken. These awards were established after the ISA Meeting at Toronto in 1988, following the suggestion by Prof. Ronald Farquhar, the organizer of the Toronto meeting, who offered for this purpose the surplus of money that had been left over. After the exhaustion of the original fund the awards are now offered by each venue organizer and at present they are at the level of 200 € each.

Martin J. Aitken was a professor at the Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, Oxford University. He started a series of meetings at Oxford in 1961 which were to become the International Symposium on Archaeometry. He was also the founder of the journal Archaeometry. Martin was the Chairman of the ISA Standing Committee until his retirement after 1986. He was a specialist in Thermoluminescence Dating but his broad knowledge on all dating techniques and other scientific approaches to archaeological finds made him a very important figure in such a way that can be considered as the Godfather of Archaeometry.

The ISA traditionally attracts many research students whose contribution to research in the field of Archaeological Sciences and to the Symposium is greatly appreciated. The purpose of the best student poster awards is to further encourage student participation in the ISA meetings and to highlight the contribution and importance of students in the research in the field. The aim of the awards is also to set examples for the best way of communicating and presenting the results to other scholars in the field.

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