a  program for analyzing simultaneously C-V and G-V data from MIS structures on Si & Ge substrates

for Win32 (95/98/XP)

by George Apostolopoulos georgeap@ims.demokritos.gr


A thorough description of the model can be found at:

G. Apostolopoulos, G. Vellianitis, A. Dimoulas, J.C. Hooker, T. Conard, Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, 260 (2004) 


Click here to download the program.


MISFIT simulates the capacitance and conductance versus gate voltage, measured at several frequencies, of MIS (metal-insulator-semiconductor) devices based on Si & Ge. Features of the program include:

The program has two windows: one dialog for data and command input and one output window where graphs of the measured and calculated C and G/w are shown:

Measurement data may be loaded as text files with three columns:

  1. Gate voltage in Volts
  2. Specific capacitance (capacitance per area) C in mF/cm2
  3. Specific conductance (conductance per area) G over cyclic frequency G/w = G/2pf in mF/cm2

The simulation output and the parameters may be saved in column-format text files.